Sunlightcats Amber Rose of Sixtyone Cats

Rasse: Perser

Züchter: K. & A. Schneider

geb. am: 22. Mai 2011

PKD (DNA) negativ

Farbe: red-tabby

Besitzer: Bärbel Teuschel

CFA CH. Suavere´s Sundance (Perser/ red-tabby / mc.-white)
  • GC, RW Stunning´s Private
    Label of Suavere

  • Purrty Katz Sunshine & Summertime of Suavere
  • GC Marcus M´Grath
  • Agonisties I´ll-Be of Fancee That

  • GC Purrty Katz My Give a Damn´s Busted
  • Purrty Katz Abigail
  • GC, NW Kissnhug Drakkar
  • GC Marcus M´Donna, DM
  • GC, BW, NW Agonistes Commotion of Scrimshaw
  • Agonistes Pepper

  • GC Day Oh I Believe
    of Purrty Katz
  • Designerpurr
  • Harwood Bud Light
    of Purrty Katz
  • CH Fanci Fx Cinnamon Bun
    of Purrty Katz, DM
  • Belamy´s Cascada (Perser/ tortie)
  • GC Candirand´s Wind of
    Change of Belamy

  • Caprimoon´s Latina of
  • GC/RW Candirand`s Blast
    From The Past
  • GC Candirand`s Priceless Scandal, DM

  • CH Paquita`s Gambler
  • Fluffy Angel Canadian Rose
  • GC Candirands`s Somebody
    Slap me
  • Ch. Candirand`s
    Shut up-n-Kiss me
  • Candirand`s Priceless
  • Bekah Ashleigh of Candirand

  • GC RW GIC Paquita`s
    Quiet Riot
  • CH Paquita`s Dinah-Mite
  • Commodore`s Vincent
    Of Fluffy Angel
  • Fluffy Angel`s Heavenly